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I’m wondering where readers of Dianetics by L Ron Hubbard fall on this scale. 

Great Prezi on 2012 Election

Prezis are fun. It’s just that simple. Here’s one about the outcome of Tuesday’s voting. If you can’t see it embedded here, click over to Prezi

Undecided voters. They exist. Still. 

Undecided voters. They exist. Still. 

Election 2012: Social video sharing

56 days left until voting. Here is a snapshot of who actually votes in elections. 

56 days left until voting. Here is a snapshot of who actually votes in elections. 

Politics 360 

By Ian Rosoff

Hurricane Isaac forced everyone in Tampa to stay home yesterday. The mostly unnecessary delay left folks at the Republican National Convention wandering to and fro and wondering what to do with their free evening. It gave me a chance to catch up on some much needed Xbox before tuning into the wall-to-wall, non-stop, 24-hour coverage of the RNC.

The RNC Convention began with a new way of covering politics using an unlikely medium. Microsoft is giving Xbox LIVE users election news, facts, and exclusive content through its new Election 2012 Hub. Xbox will work with Face The Facts USA to provide daily political fun facts. They are teaming up with Rock The Vote to register and mobilize young voters on Xbox who will be getting access to special musical performances through the Election Hub. Furthermore, NBCNews.com will be informing the Election Hub with David Gregory and the NBC political team.

Microsoft is one of the corporate sponsors of the RNC this year, which may have something to do with their presence in Tampa and their efforts to roll out innovative new products (Windows 8 is just around the corner). There are dozens of other sponsors including tech companies, energy companies, Walmart, various banks, auto manufacturers and various companies and groups around Florida, all chipping in to cover the over 50 million for the convention.

If what Marshall McLuhan said is true, that the message is in the medium, then this move by the RNC makes a lot of sense. According to “Business Week,” the firm StrategyOne conducted a survey of 1,678 Xbox LIVE households and found 40% are swing voters.  Xbox LIVE subscribers are young so exposing them to a get out the vote campaign could influence not only the 2012 elections, but elections down the road. 

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