Rockin it in Entreprenuer Magazine

Always a good day when you open up Entrepreneur magazine and find your company mentioned alongside a photo of Robert Redford.

Read the entire piece here where the magazine highlights startups that are impacting politics-as-usual in America. Kudos to the folks at VoterTide and MindMixer who also got mentioned.

There is a longer piece in the issue called “The Numbers Game” about how data is impacting political campaigns in a world of social networks and digital, personal communication. Our Board Member and founder/CEO of Anzalone-Liszt Reaearch John Anzalone is featured, dropping dimes all over the place and talking about the next generation of polling and opinion research:

People coming out of this campaign will start businesses around analyzing data, bringing all the strands together in ways that haven’t been done before in politics.

We highly encourage you to obtain a copy of the magazine.